by Dietitian Brittany

Finally an answer to "what's for dinner?"

5 dinner recipes each week.

Hand-picked by our team.

Bye-bye overwhelm.

Hello delicious meals.


by Dietitian Brittany

Finally an answer to "what's for dinner?"

5 dinner recipes each week.

Hand-picked by our team.

Bye-bye overwhelm.

Hello delicious meals.

Is Food Boredom Killing Your Health Habits?

We see this often with our clients.

Everything starts out great and nutrition is 10/10 but as time passes, so does the excitement.

It can feel like you're spending hours trying to find new meal ideas. When you finally land on a new recipe, you spend $50 at the store, the recipe didn't turn out right and the flavors were less than delicious.

This is exactly why we created Nourish. Tried and true, delicious recipe inspiration sent straight to your inbox for
just $3 per week.

Dietitian Brittany- Gut & Health Coach

How it works

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Invest $6 today for immediate access to 2 weeks of dinner recipes (10 recipes total)

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Simply make a grocery list and feel confident in knowing you've got balanced meals planned

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Play in the Kitchen

Cooking = playing in our book. Enjoy new flavor combos that the whole family will love.

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Sit Back and Relax

Your subscription is ongoing and new recipes are uploaded on the 1st and 25th of each month.

Let Us Do The Work For You.

We scour the internet & taste test nutritionally balanced recipes so you don't have to.

Let us do the work- Gut Health

Say Goodbye To Your Food Rut

And Hello To Flavour & Inspiration Again

Nourish- By Dietitian Brittany

Simple ingredients

No specialty food stores required.


You won't find bland chicken and rice here


All recipes are hand-picked by our team and ensured for blood sugar balancing


Kid and husband approved!

What others are saying 

"Thank you Thank you for creating this!

We tried our first meal last night and it was delicious. I feel relief! One less thing for this busy mama to worry about"

"I signed up this morning and the recipes look delicious!

I really appreciate that they use ordinary ingredients and feel very approachable. I can't wait to try them!"

"I actually enjoy grocery shopping now

because I'm not stressed about what to cook."

"The Nourish Subscription is fire!

Dinners have been so easy and delicious without having to think twice about it. My kids are loving it too! They were stealing the peppers from my plate tonight."


Frequently Asked Questions

Dietitian Brittany- gut and health expert

Hi love,

I'm Brittany

I have dedicated my career to helping women feel heard, understood, and like themselves again.

While working in traditional healthcare, I was disgusted with how women were dismissed and ignored when it came to real health complaints. No one was listening. No one was helping.

I dove head first into functional medicine and found that for the first time, I was able to help women finally heal for good. After developing life-altering gut issues, myself, I felt like a prisoner in my own body. Through a root cause, evidence-based approach, I was able to find healing which furthered my purpose and passion to help others do the same.

I want you to understand that your body is not broken.
Your health journey is not hopeless.
YOU are not problem. 
If you feel like something is wrong in your body, it is.

Are You Ready to Finally Heal from Gut & Hormone Imbalances for Good?

We're a team of expert coaches, dietitians, and doctors dedicated to helping you understand your body and the root cause of your symptoms.

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